Our Staff

Victoria Ngare, Administrative Director

Victoria grew up exposed to Christianity, her parents were regular churchgoers. It was not until university that the Christian faith became real and personal to her. She accepted Christ as the only Messiah, Son of God who died for her sins on the cross. She was filled with amazement, wonder and joy in her newfound relationship with God and her fellow redeemed brethren. Victoria grew steadily in the faith and continues to do so until this day, by God’s grace. In 2012, she traveled to Nairobi Kenya to join her parents who had been posted there for work. She got married to Cornelius, gave birth to a daughter and together with her husband have been blessed with the membership of Emmanuel Baptist Church. Victoria was asked to join as EABST staff in 2017 and considers it a privilege to work there. Not only does it provide her the opportunity to interact with great minds but also to witness Christ at work in equipping His saints to serve Him well.

Michael Muthamah, Finance Officer

Mike was raised in a godly home and heard the gospel often, but remained an unrepentant sinner until his last year in college. Living a rebellious life through his teens, with no regard of God, one day on his way home he became deeply convicted of his sins and knew there was nothing he could do to gain right standing before God. He opened his bible that night and by God’s providence landed on Ephesians. God opened his eyes to the truth of the gospel that the only way to be saved is by grace through faith in Christ. He immediately saw the need to share this news with his peers and zealously started sharing God’s word with the young men whom he played basketball with. It did not take him long to find out that he needed to spend more time studying the scriptures in order to faithfully handle God’s word. He was directed to EABST some time after joining Emmanuel Baptist Church in 2012. He joined EABST as a student in 2016 and started working as an finance officer at in 2017. He is involved in the EBC’s Basketball and Campus outreach ministries.

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