EABST Discipleship Certificate Programs

EABST’s Discipleship Program is based on The First Principles Series by BILD International.

The First Principles Series

The First Principles Series is a set of 13, six-session, dialogue-based Bible study guides for use by church leaders and mature Christians to establish believers and churches in the faith. Rather than a typical fill-in-the-blank approach, the series employs a highly effective learning process involving biblical passages and readings, community dialogue, and personal reflection and projects. Teaching core principles of Christ and His Apostles, this series guides participants in becoming firmly established in their faith.

Leadership Mastery I - Series I

Series I covers the process of establishing believers in their faith in the context of a local church—a household of God.

Becoming a Disciple of Jesus
Belonging to a Family of Families – The Church
Participating in the Mission of the Church
Cultivating Habits of the Heart

Leadership Mastery II - Series II

Series II turns participants’ attention from the household of God––a local church––to individual households––the family. God’s plan for husbands, wives, parents, and children is set in the context of the local church family.

Enjoying Your Relationship (Marriage)
Passing on Your Christian Beliefs
Envisioning Fruitful Life Work
Building for Future Generations

Leadership Mastery III: - Series III

Series III moves from passages to entire New Testament books, first developing a clear process of accurately interpreting these books, then revisiting the first principles in the context of Acts and Paul’s letters.

Handling the Word of God with Confidence
Unfolding the Great Commission
Laying Solid Foundations in the Gospel
Catching God’s Vision for the Church
Living in God’s Household