Because of the relationship between EABST and the Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development, EABST has two fee structures. One set of fees is primarily for the U.S. accredited programs from the Antioch School, while other fees are for programs under EABST. The general objectives, philosophy, curriculum, and methodology are the same for Antioch School or EABST programs.

For more information on the Antioch School programs, one should consult the financial policies of the Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development while in dialogue with EABST administrators. Consult the current EABST fee structures as well for some minor fees (e.g. course materials, etc.). EABST is also able to facilitate payments to the Antioch School.

While similar in curriculum, fees for EABST-only programs are significantly different than Antioch School programs. Consult the Current EABST Fee Structure PDF for EABST fee information.

EABST Fee Structure 2019 – 2020

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