Policies Overview

The highest expenses for traditional educational institutions are facilities and faculty/staff salaries. EABST uses existing church facilities, and all EABST faculty are commissioned by local churches to serve in EABST as part of their pastoral duty to train and mentor faithful men. Therefore, student costs are much lower than the cost of traditional education.

In order to allow qualified students to attend EABST, the cost of operating the school has been subsidized by various churches and individuals. However, every enrolled student is required to pay for his course materials and fees.

Each student is fully responsible for the payment of all fees regardless of whether or not any other person(s) or organization(s) are making payments on his behalf. Students are expected to know and comply with all EABST policies, procedures, and guidelines to ensure effective learning and the continuous provision of services without interruption.

Fees are set in Kenya Shillings and can be converted to foreign currency based on the current exchange rate.

EABST reserves the right to change its fee schedule, course listings, and faculty at any time without prior notice. However, EABST will endeavor, to the best of its ability, to give at least one term’s prior notice when raising fees.

EABST Fee Structure 2019 – 2020

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