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2018 Term 1 classes shall run from Jan. 13th to May 7th  and Term 2 from Aug. 4th to Nov. 16th. View the schedule  and register .

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Past Events

Seminar on Decision Making

The  Decision Making in the Local Church was held on Saturday 19th August 2017. Our speakers were Dr Joel Tetreau and Dr David Deets.
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Seminar on the Trinity

The Trinity in Biblical Perspective seminar was held on Saturday 15th July 2017. Our speaker was Dr Jeff Straub of Central Baptist Seminary, Minneapolis MN.
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The Protestant Reformation: What’s All the Fuss About?
Five truths continue to define us as Protestant even to this day. When we lose sight of and deny these distinctive ideas, it could be argued that we are no longer Protestant at all, and hence are no longer a church that is truly grounded in the Scripture. They tell us how we can know about God, and they define our relationship with Him. These five doctrines will enrich your walk with God, will ensure that you have a proper view of yourself in relation to God, and ultimately impact every area of your life. They are of critical importance to the Christian life.

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